Your Best Year

Like in everything we do, in life there is not a second chance; every moment, either we lose or win! Everything is mental; we bring to our life what we think about most of the time.
The road has two ways, one toward light and other toward darkness. Life is a choice! Everything and Everybody starts from zero; it is your choice in what place you finish. If we accept mental poverty, all kinds of poverty is what we get.
Change your attitude to win now! Be happy and relaxed, regardless of any circumstance. Always focus only on the solutions; don’t let anybody rob you of your happiness. Don’t allow challenges or circumstances to defeat you.
Do the right thing. Demand from yourself whatever it takes to win – clarity, focus, effort, persistence, sacrifice, discipline, passion, and love – not just to survive but also to win!
Life is a give and take; we stop receiving as soon as we stop giving the best of us!! That’s the balance of life!!! If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door. Every tomorrow you will do even better.
Yes you can!

Yes you can do this. Make this coming year your year; just you have to believe in you.

— Copyright © 2010 Eduardo Dominguez

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