Motorcycle Accident In India – J.J. Ulrich Stands Up With Smiles, Love, Gratitude and Humble Humility.

Motorcycle Accident In India – J.J. Ulrich Stands Up With Smiles, Love, Gratitude and Humble Humility.

J.J. asked the team to prepare a message letting everyone know what happened and share that he is ok and healing rapidly. First of all he wanted to set the context of this posting. J.J. has always believed that when you set a goal that is as big as you will be tested in every aspect of your life to see how bad you want your goal. Life tests your commitment, desire, dedication and resolve to achieve your objective. The bigger the goal the bigger the challenges. Smash is among the biggest goals in his life and will change the lives of every person who uses it. J.J. feels this accident is another example of the challenges life will hit you with as we are in the final stages of the creation of this software!

Here is what J.J. shared about the accident. The accident happened nearing midnight Friday night. After leaving the office the roads were empty and it was like every other night. The road was paved just days before so it was smooth riding. As J.J. came out from a row of trees it began a downpour of rain. The recently paved road and the rain caused the oil used for paving to turn the road into an oil slick. The bike lost all traction and began to slide all over the road. The bike was heading for a concrete wall so J.J. laid his body over the fuel tank an held on as tight as he could hold on. He laid the down on its side and was hoping it would just slide to a stop when all of a sudden the guards protecting the bike slamed into a concrete manhole sticking up out of the road about 6 inches. This slammed the bike to a complete stop. J.J.’s body slammed into the bike breaking several ribs, his hand fractured in 4 places and his face slamming into the handle bars cutting his eye and cutting his tongue  This was followed by a sudden impact onto the roadway where his watch took most of the damage preventing him from more sever road rash. He was blessed to wreck in front of a security check point.

Those of you who know J.J. will smile when y0u hear this part. When he wrecked he stood up and tried to walk his bike off road when he realized he could not use his hands and he was having a hard time breathing. He left his bike and walked into the security check point. Covered in blood he called Ramesh his business partner in India. As Ramesh arrived he listened to J.J. crack jokes about the accident to lighten the mood and be the leader we all know J.J. to be. The security guys thought he was crazy as he was seriously injured and all he would do is make people laugh and get people focused on something other than the accident. J.J. mentioned to me that although he felt incredible pain and wanted to just pass out he felt this was the pinnacle challenge he would face on his journey to launch Smash and the Development Center. He believed he needed to remain calm, stay strong and lighten the situation to keep everyone focused on getting through the situation. Ramesh took J.J. to the emergency room he was treated from the surgical team, trama doctor and the wonderful nurses. He was released and he rested over Saturday and Sunday. Monday that crazy man actually went to work and worked till past midnight. He is a dedicated leader and a little crazy at the same time. Here is a few pictures of his injuries and asked me to share with you all that nothing will stand in the way of launching – He is on a mission and he is so grateful for the angels who helped him through this situation.

Here Is J.J.’s Bike:

J.J.'s Bike













J.J. After The Accident:

J.J. In Hospital Bed J.J.'s Face J.J.'s Face J.J.'s Face J.J.'s Hand J.J.'s Hand












































































































J.J.’s Smash Shirt & Watch That Saved His Hand From Road Rash – He Feels So Proud About These – He Feels They Are Medals Of Honor!

image_5 image_6







Thanks for taking the time to read this posting and see this incredible adventure on the path to the successful launch of Smash Solutions. He wants to thank everyone for the prayers and blessings he has received. He has felt the love and support from people around the world. Tears swelled in his eyes and he felt this amazing love.





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