Message From J.J. Ulrich – Lose Yourself Into The Service Of Others!

Being in India away from my family is very hard. Our development center for & is up and operational. I am so excited we are in the new office and our team has a place to call home. Speaking of home… We have a little girl and her family living homeless near our office and for weeks I have been attempting to create a difference in her life although every time she sees me she runs and cries. I started by offering her water and juices and that did not go well. I expressed my heart through smiles and warm words of friendship and that did not work either. I resorted to gifts of pink dolls and teddy bears and she cried in sadness. Well yesterday was a break through and she finally excepted a juice box from me and today she gave me a high five.

Our New Office In HiTech City – Hyderabad India
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My Mission To Make A Little Girl Smile:











I have said it many of times that “The Best Way To Find Yourself Is to Lose Yourself Into The Service Of Others” I challenge each of you reading this post to create a difference for someone today. Remember that you can only create a difference through persistence, love, dedication, humility and gratitude. Some people who have never seen expressions of love will not know what todo with it when offered to them. Its up to you to continue and persist. My new quote is “Impossible Is Just The Next Opportunity” and with that I share a message of gratitude to each of you and leave you with a challenge to change someones life today. That part is up to you. If you want to see more going on with me and my adventures here in India please check out

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